2012 Term 3 Week 6

Q 103: For what do we pray in the third request?
In the third request we pray that by His grace God would make us have the capability and the will to know, obey and submit to His will in everything, as the angels do in heaven.

Coming up this week:
Cross Country on Friday - keep collecting sponsorship for Bibles for Africa.How many Bibles have you earned? Ratio of Bibles to money is 1:7. What does that mean? If we have raised approximately $903, how many Bibles is that?
Puppet shows are on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.

Bible test this Wednesday 22nd August

external image homework_red_2.pngSpeech: Cue cards to be finished by Friday. Start practising your speech at least twice every night

Speech Timetable:Week 7 Monday: Celia Rachel Kanupriya EvergreenTuesday: Gavin Dodgson Brianna GurjotWednesday: Bianca Amneek Bonnie CallumThursday: Josiah Mikaela ValerieFriday: Coralie Cherise Joshua


We are now doing decimals. You should know your sheet of decimals, fractions and per centages. Here are some decimal games to help you practice.


History: Our new topic the French Revolution. What story written by Charles Dickens is set in the French Revolution?
What construction is this?
What construction is this?