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Speech; Remember you are trying to persuade us that your opinion on your issue is right.
Have a good introduction.
State the issue.
Raise a question.
State the facts.
Give a variety of opinions.
Strongly express your opinion.
Finish with a strong conclusion challenging the audience to believe or act upon something

How to prepare and deliver a speech:

  1. Write out a full transcript of your speech.
  2. Read it out loud. Change anything that doesn’t sound right.
  3. Reduce it to cue cards.
  4. Practise your speech in front of the mirror at home at least 5 times
  5. Practise it to someone else who will be sympathetic. – Mum, Dad, grandma, the cat, your teddy!!!
  6. Become so confident that you can say it with only your cue cards.
  7. Memorize your opening sentence and your closing sentence.
  8. Think about gestures – what are you going to do and when – write them on the cue cards.
  9. If using a visual aid have it well-prepared. Write on cue card when you will use it.
  10. Remember to smile, smile, smile. Write it on your cue cards.
  11. Practise your gestures, eye contact and smile. Relax. Take a quiet deep breath before you start.

Opening: You may wish to use a question. An illustration. Memorise and look at the audience when you say it.

Conclusion- have a strong ending sentence. Memorize and look at the audience when you say it

Delivery 1. Take a few deep breathes before standing up
2. Make sure you are standing comfortably and have everything ready.
3. Speak to the back of the room
4. Concentrate on your speech not the audience
5. Remember your audience is sympathetic
6. Control your voice – pace - (speed) speak slowly enough to
understand but quick enough to be
You are not in a galloping or walking
race – a nice steady trot.
volume – speak loud enough to be heard.
Stand tall, breathe deep
- tone. - the way your voice rises and falls,
- emphasising words.
- clarity: - make sure you pronounce your words
- clearly. Open your mouth! Say the
- ends of your words especially t , s, f

7. Body language- How you stand stand tall
Facial expressions look friendly and smile
Eye contact start by looking to the back of
your audience. Look just over
their heads.
Talk to the back of the wall.
Don’t look at one person and
Let your eyes look at your
audience in general.
Gesture movement of hands and arms
should help emphasise speech
not distract from it.
Not too many,
hold cue cards in palm of hand.
(don’t hide them)