2012 Term 3 Week 3

Happy Birthday Evergreen
Happy Birthday Evergreen

Memory Work:

This is a long question answer. Break it up into sections to learn.
Q 100: What does the beginning of the Lord’s Prayer teach us?
The beginning of the Lord’s Prayer teaches us to draw near to God
with completely holy reverence and confidence,
as children to a father who is able and ready to help us.
It also teaches us that we should pray with and for others.

What is the first line of the Lord's Prayer? Matthew 6:9

external image homework_red_2.png Speech prep: Make a list of facts that you can use in your speech this week.
Puppet scripts must be finished by Friday.

Can you name four Dickens' novels?
Can you name four Dickens' novels?

Book day is on Tuesday. Come dressed as your Charles Dicken's character. Be ready to give a speech describing your character and reading a passage. Prizes are for best representation of character, best effort, best speech and most expressive reading.(separate prizes for Year 7 and 8 )