2012 Term 3 Week 4


Q 101: For what do we pray in the first request?
In the first request we pray that
God will enable us and others to glorify Him
in everything He uses to make Himself known
and that he will work out everything to His own glory.

Let's all try to get A++.
Let's all try to get A++.

external image homework_red_2.png Project this week. write a list of opinions and solutions for your topic. Write your opinion and solution.
Grammar due in Friday.
Literature Circles due in Thursday morning.
Spelling Sheet due in Thursday.

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Music Modules start this week. Year 8:
Year 7:

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So far Bonnie is our gold medal winner for collecting the most sponsorship promises for our cross country Run for Bibles. She has over $200.
That's at least 9 Bibles to be sent to Africa!

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What do these rings stand for? http://www.faqkids.com/319-olympic-rings-mean.html
How many medals has NZ won so far?
What type were they and who won them?


Year 7 Cooking
Year 7 Cooking
Double chocolate muffins this week - if you all remember to bring the ingredients.

History - Discoverers and Explorers
History - Discoverers and Explorers
Which ocean did Ferdinand Magellan name?
Where is the Magellan Strait?
What country did Christopher Columbus believe he had arrived at, when he crossed the Atlantic Ocean?
What disease did many of the sailors in the age of Exploration die from?