2012 Term 3 Week 5

Happy Birthday Kanupriya

Catechism: Question 102

Q 102: For what do we pray in the second request?
In the second request we pray that Satan’s kingdom may be destroyed,
that the kingdom of grace may be advanced,
with ourselves and others brought into and kept in it,
and that the kingdom of glory may come quickly.

What is the second request in the Lord's prayer?

Coming up this week:

Complete by Thursday:
Persuasion letter, Literature Circles, Spelling Sheet. Shadow puppet ready to perform.

external image homework_red_2.png
Prepare draft of your speech. Year 8s also a draft of your visual aid.

Here are some ideas to help you.
Introduction: Have a good sentence that raises people's interest. Have another sentence that says what the issue is in the form of a question. Write another sentence saying the same thing in a different way. Ask the audience what they think about it.
Middle: Give the background to your issue. Why is it a problem? What are the facts?
Tell what other people think, especially expert opinions.
Tell the different solutions -good and bad.
Conclusion: Say what your think, your opinion, your solutionEnd with a strong sentence asking the audience to decide what they think.

Tests coming up : Maths - fractions on Tuesday 14th

History on Friday 17th

Bible next Tuesday 21st

History: Know the timeline, How the theatre was performed in Greece . Names of famous Greeks - philosophers, poets, mathematicians. City states. facts about the Ancient Olympics, place of gods in Greek society

Identify the Parthenon, Mt Olympus, Olympia, An amphitheatre. What we have inherited from the Greeks.

Bible: Know all your catechism questions. Be ready to write paragraph answers on the following topics: Prayer - how can we pray to please God. give examples from the scriptures, What does it mean to pray in Jesus' name, Why do we need to pray?

Why did Jesus teach us to say Our Father? How do we hallow God's name?

Rachel has raised the most Run for Bibles monetary promises so far.
Rachel has raised the most Run for Bibles monetary promises so far.

http://www.kiwikidsnews.co.nz/ Visit this site and find out wahat scientists have found in the sea?
How was it probably formed?
How did the shark steal the camera and what happened to it?

Where is Mt Tongariro? What other volcano is erupting in NEw Zealand?