For what do we pray in the fifth request?

In the fifth request, encouraged by God’s grace,
which makes it possible for us sincerely to forgive others,
we pray that for Christ’s sake God would freely pardon all our sins. external image MEDIUM.jpgGreat speeches last week. Every one tried their best. It was great to see how every one had improved their volume.

Coming up this week.

Tuesday: Bible Test
Wednesday: Science test
Thursday: Musical presentation at Erin Park.

New Topics start this week:

We will be doing library skills for the rest of the term and will visit the library in Week 10
We will also learn to use the Manukau library website. Bring your library card to school, if you have one.

We are going to learn how to write 3x3 essays

Next topic
Next topic
We will be doing a brief study of the French Revolution.
Do you know the three famous words that sum of the goals of the revolution?


What is the perimeter of a rectangle 6m by 3m. What is its area?
What is the volume of a pool 6m by 3m and 2m deep?

Go to this site to find out what's on in the holidays. Entry to the museum is free for Aucklanders.