Thank you for making the visit to Erin Park Retirement Apartments so successful - you all sang and played your instruments superbly.

Coming up this week:

Tuesday: We are going to Erin Park Rest Home to sing at 1:30pm. Make sure you know the words to your songs.Thursday: Geoography testFriday: Make sure you have brought your Operation Christmas child present to school.
Maths test on measurement conversion.
Can you change 6cm to kilometres? - show your working.
Chapter tests in Maths are coming up too.

Next Week:

Monday: We are going to visit the Manurewa Library, leaving school at 10:45am and returning by 12:30pm.
If it is fine we will walk.
We need two parent helps to supervise and to provide transport if it rains.

Tuesday: We will perform our musical items to our parents and the Juniors at 1:45pm. Invite your parents and friends along.

Everyone is working well on their 3x3 essays. Follow the pattern carefully.

Country Life  Oils  1980s
Country Life Oils 1980s
Here is a site on perspective drawing. Have some fun drawing.

Library assignment
Library assignment

Find out about the Dewey System at this site:

Who made up the Dewey System?